Revitol Skin Brightening Cream

Time Lapse Skin Brightening With Revitol

   Why Revitol Skin Brightening Cream Is So Effective…

REVITOL Skin Whitening Cream is proven more effective than any other Skin Brightener because of its unique extra strength formula:

Powerful All-Natural Ingredients Works FAST

Remove Discoloration And Brighten Skin Tone!

For me it’s not about being whiter… I love who I am.  For me it’s about my skin looking it’s best all the time, with or without makeup.  Women of color know that darker skin tones scar more easily, especially from acne and don’t get me started with with flat iron burns.  I’m able to safely use Revitol on my dark spots, fade the scarring and evenly brighten up my skin tone all in one  step.  – Charleen Wilson

=====>  Quickly Remove Discoloration & Brighten Dark Skin Tones


I love the color of my skin but I don’t like the uneven pigment – with Revitol I can even out my skin tone safely.   Many latin skin tones suffer with Melasma, Revitol has helped me manage my dark spots and feel great about my skin again. – Alejandra Rojas

=====>  Quickly Remove Discoloration & Brighten Latin Skin Tones


Indian skin is very difficult to keep even and bright because of my brown and red undertone.  I always look blotchy even with makeup but now my skin looks even again like when I was twenty five.  I am very happy and feel proud about my skin again. – Sneha

=====>  Quickly Remove Discoloration & Brighten Indian Skin Tones


Dark Circles show much quicker on pale skin.  I don’t like having to put on so much make up all the time. I prefer little makeup.  My skin is healthier now and very even and when I take off my makeup I feel good about my even tone, not embarrassed – XiaoXue

=====>  Quickly Remove Discoloration & Whiten Asian Skin Tones



55 + Sun Damaged Caucasian Skin

Q: What does Revitol Skin Brightener do?

A: Lightens and brightens the appearance of troublesome spots, safely.

Q: How does it brighten the skin?

A: With two potent skin brightening ingredients Arbutin and Lumiskin.

Arbutin: is a plant based skin-whitening ingredient that has the same effect as Hydroquinone without the dangerous side effects and is more stable than Kojic Acid.

Lumiskin: is a potent extract from the Chilean Boldo tree it’s an extract that blocks the stress receptors and inhibits the skins ability to over produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that causes darkening of the skin and skin discoloration.

Q: Why is Revitol Skin Brightening Cream also a potent anti-aging cream?

A: The Ingredients address both dark spots and age related discoloration by combining two powerful ingredients that suppress and remove age and environmentally caused skin discoloration.

Q: Why is this product the best under eye wrinkle cream?

A: Most eye creams only address loose skin but the ingredients in Revitols Skin Brightening Cream also address dark circles and Inflammation, making this an industry insider’s secret formula for the delicate under eye area.

Q: How does Revitol Skin Brightening Cream tighten the skin?

A: When the skin is damaged both from acne or environmental issues it becomes internally inflamed and cellular turn over slows down. The skins natural response is to produce melanin to further protect the skin and as we know Melanin causes dark spots.  By using this product the Melanin is reduced and so is swelling as skin returns to normal the new cells hold more moisture and becomes more taught.

Q: How does Revitol Skin Brightening Cream remove dark spots and acne discoloration on the face?

A: The two potent ingredients in this product work synergistically to suppress the Melanin that causes the area on the face and or body become dark while simultaneously lightening the area. You can use this product as a spot treatment or all over body treatment to even out the entire skin tone.

Q: Where do I purchase Revitol Skin Brightening Cream?

A: You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer through the link provided below.



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