Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

If there is one heyday in your life that you want a smooth, bright and glowing skin, it is your wedding day. It is also the one time in your life you are probably stressed AF. But it’s your time so Bridezilla away!

There is a big difference between looking fantastic for your wedding day and transforming into a Disney princess that doesn’t resemble you. Trust me, stay relaxed and try being your best you. You want everyone to say OMG what a beautiful bride not I love the tiara.

In this article, I am going to take out the stress of your big day by giving you the steps you need to undertake to achieve at least one part of the magical combination that makes you a perfect bride and that is; a radiant complexion.

Wedding gown. Check. Venue. Check.

Ladies and gentlemen begin your skin care regime five months to the big day. Your appearance I.e. skin care plan should be your priority. Please visit a skin care therapist for skin assessment.

Ideal protocol is 1 treatment a month with the final treatment 2 weeks before the big day not any closer!

Put your wishes into the budget, I’ve done this for years and to day I have over 100 brides under my skincare jurisdiction, not to mention the hordes of bridesmaids, and family members.

  • Keep the routine simple begin your home care plan immediately after your assessment. Note: This does not mean you purchase 600.00 of items recommended by the Esthetician. Part of the esthetic industry is to sell hope in a jar, so be smart, get control of your skin care routine, make a plan and stick to it!


  • Lower your stress level at all cost stress causes many inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema and keratosis. As stress weakens your immune system, chronic inflammations worsen- I assure you if you follow my lead and put your wedding-day freak-out’s under control you will be that perfect vision of beauty, health and happiness.


  • Begin incorporating balanced bride time for yourself you will probably be very anxious, and this may disrupt your sleep. Tip: Schedule private chill-out time. This means exactly that (Chill out) do nothing for a scheduled time during the day or evening. For 20 minutes per day center your body, mind and skin into the appreciation zone. Thinking and doing nothing but a self-guided meditation on self-love. The skin and body responds when our cortisol levels are lowered through meditation and or relaxation.


  • Keep all routines especially the skin care routine simplified. Your skin will respond best to consistency not dramatic shifts with massive amounts of laser, glycolic or derma-brasions. The following routine is for average skin with moderate damage for persons age 25 to 45
  1. Cleanse with a gentle skin brightening exfoliator AM and PM
  2. Use a skin brightening cream pm to balance out the skin tone and remove face and under eye discoloration.
  3. AM routine: is to alternate every other day a stem cell serum or serum type of moisturizer with a glycolic moisturizer.
  4. If it’s within your budget gentle cleansing facial one time a month otherwise a powerful impurity cleansing clay mask weekly is all you will need.
  5. This routine can be augmented with Retinol or Retin A products 1 x weekly on the weekends. 

A note on make-up

  • Please do not solely depend on make-up as a means to transform your appearance. Yes if you want to solely look great in photos then make up does the trick however as any good make-up artist will tell you the condition of the skin is what determines the final look.
  • Don’t switch make up brands 1 week before the wedding. Fine-tune the perfect shade for your big day. Which means you require three makeup test runs. Yes, I said 3. Take notes and pictures.
  • Don’t allow a makeup artist to use brushes on you that you have been assured have been properly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Be honest with your makeup artist and tell them about your skin care concerns, if need be ask them what brushes you should purchase for them to use. You will always use them yourself it will be a great investment.
  • Don’t take chances – Use a makeup that you know your skin will respond perfectly with.
  • Your skin your rules! END OF STORY.

At home light therapy

  • I love, absolutely LOVE the effects of blasting your face with light emitting diodes. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase Collagen, lift the skin and reduce redness and broken capillaries the light diode units are available everywhere online and the one time investment will pay off big time especially when used in conjunction with skin brightening creams to reduce inflammation, redness and discoloration.

Beware the crêpe neck and chest

  • The notorious age blabber mouth is the low-necked and upper chest. Remember this area is prone to wrinkling because it is a thin-tissue skin. To look flawless in your plunging gown, use some over the counter retinol product and move on to prescriptions if your skin deems it necessary.  Every single night without fail, make certain you take care of this area.

Hair color

  • The overall rule of thumb and big day shifts whether you want to go lighter or darker-I recommend you stay within two shades of your natural hue. If you want to be a soft baby brown with gold highlights I suggest you consult your colorist immediately and test the waters sooner rather that later as the final color will literally change the entire theme of your life. Hair color takes a few tries to get correct and definitely a multiple sessions to get the highlights just right!

Get healthy but not too healthy

  • Let me first explain that statement. Starting a complete cleanse means your body / skin will probably begin to cleanse and purge all toxins which means break outs will probably happen! This is not always the case but sometimes a cleansing does it’s job too well, so ease into the cleanse and begin by drinking green tea preferably every day to help you lose weight and also brighten your skin. Green tea constitutes antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help remove acne on your skin. Slowly begin incorporating specific skin care vitamins into your diet. There are numerous companies that offer a wide selection. Some options are B Complex, Biotin Complex or a vitamin specifically designed for acne enhanced with E, A Zinc complex. In all cases please make certain you consult with your physician to make certain you can take or should take a supplement before doing so.
  • Five months down to your wedding, aha! It’s ideal time you need to fix your skin problems. You will need to work out your skin type to help establish a proper skin care regime. If combined with exercise and healthy eating habits, your skin will be super-radiant on your big day. Thank me later.