The Wedding – The Big Day Beauty Treatment!

  • The Big Day Beauty Treatment!
  • Facials – you love them?
  • Peels – yes, please!

After all the drama and the intimidation, of the pre-wedding arrangements, your big day is in hours’ time, and all the wedding plans are already ironed out. The venue, the dress, the band guarantees to turn the dance floor into a multigenerational mosh pit. Research, interview, hire, and done!

Walking down the aisle will involve stepping into the limelight, and with every eye in the room is on you, you want to glow radiantly on the outside as you feel on the inside. Our loyal friend Google is never shy about telling us its opinion on what treatment to use, and when to do them. Starting a quality skin care regime early before the big event is important: as Rome was never built in a day, after all, neither are the luminous kin you see in bridal magazines and ads.

The Tips of the Do’s For That Perfect Day

  • Keep the stress to minimum

We know, we know, this is easier said than done but stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Delegate duties, if possible. The addition of a few drops of sweat smelling therapy oil to a warm bath will help to reduce the physical effect and the psychological effect of stress. Self-massage is also helpful in reducing the knots in your body caused by stressful situations you experienced during the preparation process and can improve blood circulation.

  • Cleanse the skin gently

You should use a gentle cleanser on your skin, and always use your hands to wash your body. You must remember the eyes since you will be staring lovingly into your significant other’s eyes on your wedding day, you want to ensure your eyes look bright and youthful.

  • Moisturize

Use cosmetics that hydrate the skin, which will make your skin glow, and not to mention the tan on your skin will last longer. Focus on your hands- everyone will be looking at your ring! Smooth a hydrating serum onto your face and Neck to enhance your glow before heading into hair and makeup.

  • Make up

You can treat yourself to a oxygen facial and remember no extraction or glycolics 2 weeks before. The treatment will cause the foundation go on like a dream………that is if your radiant complexion and skin tone needs any. If you have any blemish, a cool compress put over the area will help reduce the inflammation and conceal it with cosmetics. The best cover up for a red spot is a green concealer and follows that up with a foundation to blend in, and set it with powder. You can carry a facial mister on the day to keep your skin looking fresh and bright.

The Don’ts For a Perfect Skin:

  • Do not use a new product on the day of your wedding, as it may not compliment your skin tone and color. The daily care is not an easy fix. The new product might have an ill effect on your skin and can make your skin look blotched and red on the camera lens.
  • Do not let stress wreak havoc on your teeth or nails. You might be nervous, but please, nail biting can cause minor chips in your nails and teeth.

Remember! To smile bright, have fun because it is your wedding.