What Number Is Your Sunscreen?

What Number Is Your Sunscreen?

As summer arrives, many fun-loving souls begin to flock the ever-welcoming beaches for a piece of sun-bathing. Again, it is that time when you start to restock your sunscreen shelf. Of course, the importance of using sunscreen during the scorching summer heat can’t be underestimated!

Protection from the sun, is one of the easiest ways of minimizing the effect of melasma. Any regular sunscreen will do the screening of the sun mildly, and for this reason, finding the best sunscreen for a melasma patient is paramount. You not only have to locate the one that is effective, but you must also, have the one that you enjoy using on a regular basis.

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Individual factors and ingredients form the basis of consideration during the choosing of the best sunscreen to use. Some of the factors are; a broad spectrum, SPF rating, component, and ease of use.

The main types of sunscreens are:

The Chemical Sunscreens

The chemical based sunscreens protect the skin by absorbing the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Just as the name suggests, chemical sunscreens contain a combination of chemicals as their active ingredient. The main pros of using the chemical based sunscreens are;

  • They are water and sweat resistant- makes it suitable for swimming
  • They are easier to apply because of their thinness
  • It is often easily affordable compared to the other types of sunscreens

The Physical Sunscreens

Physical sunscreens which are sometimes known as mineral sunblocks contains minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as an active ingredient. These happen to be my favorite. The physical based sunscreen bounces of the rays from the sun instead of absorbing it like chemical based. The main advantage of using the physical sunscreens are;

  • They immediately begin working
  • Will not cause skin irritation
  • Will not cause your skin to break out
  • One application to the body is enough

The top four top sunscreens for Melasma are:

  • Skin Medica environmental defense sunscreen SPF 50 + – it is a water based and oil free sunscreen, that has some antioxidants that add protection from the sun and UV rays, and contains vitamins C and vitamins E which are a power house antioxidants that rejuvenates the skin cells.
  • EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46- this product has a rating of three from the environmental working group. The EltaMD UV SPF 46b works best with a standard dry skin. It is an effective sunscreen and moisturizer, it is not greasy, and it is fragrance-free.
  • Blue lizard sensitive sunscreen SPF 30+ – this sunscreen has the lowest percentage of hazard potential. It is a paraben free, fragrance-free, it is suitable for skin susceptible to hyper sensitive skin types, and they contain vitamin E and beeswax which moisturize skin. The blue lizard sunscreen is one among the best for Melasma patients.